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Web Directories

Web Directory

Web Directories

A web directory, or directory website, is basically an online list of websites. They typically list businesses or people with their contact information. These particular kinds of directories are very popular and effective marketing tools in the legal profession.

This article will focus on legal directory websites.

Legal Web Directories

Quality legal directories provide a categorized listing of law firms or lawyers, either by location or practice area. JurisOffice directory website is structured in this way. The directory features a detailed profile of lawyers, law firms and law practices. The profile includes their experience, links to their website, social media platforms, their expertise, a brief synopsis of what they’re about and ratings.

Legal web directories have been around for a long time and have been able to maintain their effectiveness because people still prefer to search online for legal representation (instead of viewing ads on billboards or flipping through phone books. In fact, most consumers today start their customer journeys online).

Many people prefer looking through a directory of websites to find information on law firms or seek legal consultancy services. For this reason, legal website directories are great places for customers to get qualified leads.

In addition to directory websites being a convenient and easy way for customers to find you, being listed in a list of web directories is a great way to promote your business. A legal web directory essentially drives traffic to your site which increases your page rankings and your overall site ranking on search engines like Google.

Why Directory Websites Are Important for Lawyers

Here are 4 main reasons to get on a list of web directories:

1. Web directories dominate search engine results pages. Reputable web directories are usually listed at the top of search results pages. Try doing a search for Nashville divorce lawyers right now and count how many of the top search results are of legal web directories. So if you’re not listed in reputable web directories, you could be missing out on a lot of traffic and potential clients.
2. Arguably the easiest way to get clients is through a directory website. You’re literally acquiring clients at a very low cost.
3. As a law firm, you want to establish a solid web presence. The best way to do that is to invest in search engine optimization (SEO) which is all about link building. Indeed, link building is one of the hardest parts of SEO yet web directories offer you a pretty easy way to build quality links. All you have to do is list on a reputable directory website like JurisOffice.
4. Furthermore, when Google sees your business showing up across the internet with the same contact information consistently showing up, they will be more likely to include you in local search results.

Claim Your Profile on Web Directories

It is vital that you comprehend your firm’s marketing goals and objectives and claim your profile in a reputable directory of legal websites. You also need to have a concrete specialty in order to list in the top web directories. So hone in on your specialty when creating a profile on any directory of websites.

Online web directories are the most cost-effective marketing strategy for lawyers and the most effective way for clients to find the right lawyer to help them. Clients can find you, as an attorney or lawyer, quite quickly within the specialty category you are listed in.

It is prudent to go with the paid directories as Google seems them as more reputable sites. Paid web directories like JurisOffice are also much better curated with more accurate listings.

A web directory is a bouquet of links to third party websites. It is like map which can help you find the information you are searching. While conducting any kind of research, these links might help you become better informed by directing you relevant available information. There are many versions of web directories available online. Any online aggregator is a web directory. It directs you to a third party which actually supplies the service you require.

Types of Directory Websites

Online legal search is assisted by many directory websites. These sites may link you to website of lawyers or have a lawyer profile listed on the directory itself. Apart from legal sector, you have directory of websites assisting you to purchase flights tickets, hotels and even in finding discounts. Due to high volume of data being generated every day and increased importance of timely access, directory websites are becoming increasingly useful. Certain directories of websites deal with third party service providers on behalf of the customers. Thus reducing the effort required to be put in by customers. The trend is towards list of web directories becoming one stop shop for all the services and products they deal in. Customers need not negotiate with the third party after they have made their choice. There are some directories which are just for fun and exploration. Such directories might present random interesting pages from the web just to keep you entertained. There is also a list of web directories which are highly specialized and only cater to a very specific set of customers.

Important List of web directories

Google, yahoo, facebook, yelp, amazon all these technology giants create a large number of web directories for various type of visitors. Facebook has a special feature which can help you find businesses in your locality. Google maps can help you find anything you want based on your location. Amazon can help you buy a product from a vendor who is miles away. If you use internet you have definitely used a web directory at some point. Linking information is an integral part of information age. Therefore web directories collect links to information on your behalf and present it in an understandable format for you. There are web directories available for your search doctors and health specialist. These sites are very similar to legal web directories. You can even find a consultant to do your taxes. You day to day services are also available online. You can call a plumber to fix your kitchen or a carpenter for any household job. The list of web directories available on the net is increasing by the minute. Innovation and expansion are the norm in this industry. Possibilities are endless.


There are endless benefits for both customer and the businesses resulting from aggregation. When business become aware that customer can chose from a variety of services, they offer competitive prices and quality service. Businesses can also connect to a larger audience apart from the existing customer base. Directories have become a secondary method of advertising for many businesses. This is mainly because a large section of customers generally refer to an online directory as a starting point of making a buying decision. If there research provides them positive outputs about a business they are more likely to hire its services or buy its product. Therefore it has become necessary for service providers and businesses to maintain a positive online presence to attract and retain customers. The directories not only collect information but they retain it as well. Past conduct of a service provider and user review provide real time feedback which helps customer in his search.

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