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Attorney Directory

Attorney directory

Attorney directory listings provide tremendous benefits (mainly business and convenience) for both attorneys and clients. This article will cover the benefits of attorney directory listings for both the attorney at law and a client.

Attorney Directory Listings for Attorneys

A website with a directory of attorneys like JurisOffice, offers attorneys with a cost-effective way to market their firm or practice to prospective clients. It also helps you, as an attorney at law, to establish your online presence by linking to your website and social channels.

Let’s look at how exactly an attorney directory listing like JurisOffice helps you to grow your business.

JurisOffice Attorney Directory

Attorneys and law firms need a steady stream of prospective clients and business. The JurisOffice attorney directory enables you, as an attorney at law, to claim a full professional attorney profile in order to grow your business and boost your online presence. In claiming your profile, you will have access to potential clients and also solidify your status among your colleagues in the community.

With a substantial amount of traffic every month, a profile on JurisOffice could send a large number of potential clients to you. People who are looking for attorneys online are more likely to find you if you have a profile filled out in our attorney directory listing. Our carefully curated directory of attorneys helps the public decide which attorney to hire by providing vital information like:

● Experience
● Education
● Training
● Apprenticeships
● Law Office affiliations
● Specialties
● Profile Description
● Reviews

Claiming your profile will greatly extend your professional reach and makes it easier for potential clients to find you. No matter where you are or what legal service you practice, JurisOffice will put you in front of clients that are looking for you.

Attorney Directory Listings for Consumers

If your legal issue is complex or expensive, you probably want to hire a qualified attorney that specializes in the field you need to help in. Finding a good one to help you with your problem may not be so easy. Indeed, you cannot expect to find a good attorney in a phone-book or an ad. Those channels simply don’t have enough information for you to make a qualified decision.

You could talk to people in your social circles who have experienced the same issues you have, ask them about who represented them and their opinions on the service they received. Talk to as many people as you can who have gone through the same issue and you’ll most likely get several good referrals.

However, you shouldn’t make a final decision based on other people’s recommendation and opinions. You need to actually meet with the attorney, discuss your issue and decide whether or not you want to work with them. It may also be difficult to find a lawyer though a personal referral for the specialty you need.

You can use an online service like JurisOffice to connect with local lawyers that are in your area and specialize in the problem you need help with. JurisOffice offers a carefully curated attorney directory that provides a comprehensive profile for each attorney or firm with all the information that will help you select the right one.

JurisOffice also ensures that every attorney at law in the directory listing has a current license that is in good standing with a bar association.

When you have good leads on the platform, the next step is to contact and speak to the attorneys. You should write down your needs and issues in advance to discuss them. Many attorneys on the JurisOffice platform would be willing to meet with you for half an hour at no fee; so you can meet with them in person to properly gauge whether or not they can help you.

A good attorney directory simplifies the process to find the right attorneys for clients; and provides attorneys at law with a platform to promote their businesses to the right audience. Try JurisOffice today and see how it helps your firm or attorney search.

Attorney Directories

There are various methods of creating a database. Large amount of data has traditionally been segregated in form of directories. We have telephone directories for numbers, business directories for finding suppliers and manufacturers and modern web directories to help you find links to information you want. So the main purpose is to help the client find information he/she needs as fast as possible, with little effort and at a reasonable price.

A directory of attorneys has the same purpose. A client need not go out on the road searching for lawyers. You need not ask your relatives to direct you to a credible lawyer. A person can just check out an attorney directory listing and contact any lawyer of his choice. But a traditional lawyer directory, just like a telephone book, comes with its own limitations. It merely states the name, number, office address and some other information about various attorneys at law. You need to know who you want to contact before you can make an effective use of a paper book attorney directory.

Overcoming data deficit

Since the legal needs and complexity of legal problems are increasing with the growth of technology, a lot of research goes into choosing the correct lawyer. Mere name and number almost does nothing to help out a client. One needs inputs from various sources and verified professional information before making the final decision of hiring an attorney at law. Websites like facebook, LinkedIn, amazon, craigslist have spoiled the customer for choices.

Everyone wants concrete research data even for a minor task like finding the correct bread for breakfast. In such an age where the public’s hunger for data is on rise by the day, methods of searching lawyers have also become sophisticated. Today you can go to any online directory of attorneys and get to know which lawyer would be best for your divorce case and how much he charges. Such information would have been impossible to come by so easily just a few years ago.

Benefit for an Attorney at Law

These are some of the benefits an attorney could expect when using a legal directory:

  1. An attorney having an attorney directory listing is more easily reachable than a lawyer with no online presence.
  2. His client base includes all the visitors of the attorney directory.
  3. He competes in all the markets which his skill can tend to.
  4. An attorney directory listing is more effective than a private lawyer website.
  5. A customer would have more trust in a third party website, which is customer reviewed, than in a lawyers self-praising website.
  6. A lawyer can also save on advertising and marketing costs by listing himself/herself on an attorney directory.

Benefits for the Legal Industry

A directory of attorneys gives the lawyers and the customer a fair view of the legal market. It brings clarity in the legal fees and helps judge trends in market needs. An attorney directory listing can help you find what the lawyer generally charges and help you negotiate the legal fee. A lawyer can see what the customers are demanding and direct his/her legal practice accordingly. The customers can avail legal services at competitive prices. All players in the industry can ensure that they get the type of work they can effectively handle. Equal opportunity to lawyers and fair charges for customers can be ensured through online directories which function as market places.

Since the current market is saturated with lawyers, connectivity to customers throughout the world is important for any lawyer today. An online directory can help direct a steady stream of customers towards practitioners who have just begun their practice. Even established lawyers can benefit by providing legal advice online through such directories and share their knowledge with a wide variety of customers.

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