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Lawyer Listings

List of lawyers

Origin of Lawyer Directories

As a consumer, you will find many lawyer listing sites out there that waste your precious time and energy. Those sites typically make you sift through lawyers that are nowhere near to where you live or the practice area you need help in. That is the problem a lawyer listing site like JurisOffice is trying to solve.

JurisOffice was built with the consumer in mind so they ensure that lawyer listings are easy and quick to navigate. The selection process provides 3 easy and simple options to locate your lawyer: name, legal issue and city.

How to Navigate the Lawyer Listings on JurisOffice

1. What you first need to decide is which legal issue you need help in or the name of the lawyer or firm you’re looking for, if you already know their name.
2. The next step is to decide which city you want to retain their services in.
3. The third is to decide whether you’re looking for a firm or a lawyer.

The process is as simple as that.

Benefits of Being Listed in a Lawyer Listing Site

Whether you specialize in bankruptcy law, family law, litigation, business law, consumer law, criminal law, insurance law, etc., building your business and cementing a good reputation for yourself can be quite challenging. Even if you have clients year-round and some referrals, a lot of your potential clients are online browsing through US lawyer lists on reputable lawyer listing sites like JurisOffice.

In fact, 48.6% of people research their legal issue before they hire a lawyer. After that, once they know the specialty lawyer they need, they either get referrals via people they know or head online to lawyer listing sites.

Still not convinced to join a reputable lawyer listing site?

Let’s compare US lawyer listing sites to traditional marketing channels.

Lawyer Listings vs. Traditional Print Advertising

Advertising your firm or practice in 2017 requires more than just a sleek ad. You need to showcase your expertise for potential clients to strongly consider your business. JurisOffice understands this and offers a platform with interactive tools to showcase your legal expertise.

JurisOffice has also looked at what drives clients to make lawyer hiring decisions and found two important factors that play a huge role in the lawyer selection process: location and reviews.


Location is quite an important factor for potential clients that are looking for your firm or practice. Since their issues are likely based on local state laws and regulations, they need attorneys that understand them.
Consumers also want lawyers who are based in an office that is close to them. So convenience matters. True, some lawyers are willing to travel to their clients but they usually charge a fee for that. So it is much more convenient for clients to browse through lists of lawyers by state or city.

Another reasons why it makes sense for customers to be able to look for you by location is because you most likely know the area very well and have local connections to quickly help them resolve their issues.


The main reason JurisOffice added reviews to their lawyer listings site is because they want to help you build credibility as a law firm or practice. It also helps customers evaluate how you could help and work together.

Indeed, one of the best ways potential clients guage if you are right for them is through reviews. They like to read what previous clients have said about you to get an idea of how you would handle their case.

Consider joining JurisOffice today if you are looking for a cost-effective marketing channel to grow your business. All you need to do is complete your lawyer profile by adding a biography, qualifications, specialty and contact information (location, phone number and social media IDs) to enable potential clients to contact you.

Lawyer listings

Lawyer listings are not hard to come by. You can come by many lawyer listings, since it’s legal to market and advertise for lawyers in United States of America. A simple google search might help you land up with an exhaustive list of lawyers. The expanding market for online legal services is the result untapped potential of this industry. Certain reports say that this market is worth more than three hundred billion dollars just in the United States. The global market is much bigger in volume but much more complex as well. Lawyer listing sites are competing globally for a pie of local markets throughout the world. But still, there is no single global leader in this market. We can spot country leaders in this market. This goes to show that each legal system comes with its own complexities which require time and patience to be understood. Thus we can say that popular lawyer listings are mostly country based or regional.

Basics of Lawyer Listing Sites

Not all lists of lawyers are made the same. Every website works on a different business model. Some website may work as your agent. They charge fee from you and help you hire a lawyer. They provide personalized service and earn their fee from the client. They may even charge commission from the lawyer they finally shortlist for you. There is another model that lawyer listing sites might have. These services might be free for the customers and lawyers to some extent. The fee the website charges might come up only when you actually hire someone. There are some lawyer listing sites which are completely free. They earn their revenue through advertisements which are placed on the websites. So if you have money to spare and you want a personalized head hunter for hiring an attorney for a very complex task, you should go with the hiring agencies. But for your daily legal needs you can visit any of the online list of lawyers, which provide you enough information to make a correct hiring decision. The US lawyer lists i.e the lawyer lists catering to clients in United States, are offering higher quality of services for complex tasks as well.

US Lawyer Lists

According to,,,,,, and are some of the most visited US lawyer lists. You can avail the services of some of these websites for free. On some of the websites you have to post your project and requirements and lawyers can accordingly bid. You can choose from the offer you like the most. Some websites are pretty simple are provide you with just a list based on several search criteria’s like fee, location etc. In United States, you can choose your lawyer the way you want. Advertising is allowed for lawyers in United States and there are simply too many lawyers. So it’s difficult to make a correct choice with so many options and advertisements surrounding you. Having an aggregator help you make the correct decision is very convenient.


Everyone needs a lawyer and a doctor at least once in their life. Litigation and legal requirements are almost always very personal to a client’s heart. The client has to have complete trust in the lawyer he hires to represent himself. Therefore, the US lawyer lists are very important tools for litigants in the USA due to high cost attached with legal services. Making a wrong legal choice might result in huge financial or personal losses. It is always advisable to do thorough research and getting informed advice from experts before proceeding with any legal action.

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