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Directory of Lawyers

Directory of Lawyers

Directory of Lawyers

Lawyer directories are an easy and cost-effective way for lawyers, law firms and legal practices to market online. In such a competitive digital age, it is vital that you promote your practice aggressively online, and most importantly, market it to the right audience. Law firm directories are the best place to do that.

Why You Should List in a Directory of Lawyers

Here are the 3 main benefits of listing in lawyer directories:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): When Google sees your firm or practice mentioned around the web, it will feature you more in search results (including local listings). More importantly, you get more SEO points with the links you build in those directories. Keep in mind that link building is arguably the most difficult part of SEO. Lucky enough, a directory lawyer need not worry too much about building quality links when they feature in reputable directories.
2. Clients: The reason you even want to list your business in a directory of lawyers is because you want to gain more clients. In fact, listing in a national directory of lawyers is the easiest and cheapest way to acquire a new client.
3. Search engines love directory of lawyers: Lawyer directories have a huge presence in search engine results. When you search for lawyers in a given field, more likely than not, the top search results will be lawyer directories instead of firms or practices. So listing in a national directory of lawyers should be a vital part of your marketing strategy. If it’s not, you could be missing out on a lot of traffic and potential clients.

The good thing is that your audience is right there, waiting to find you. Lawyer directories essentially connect those potential clients to your law firm or practice. And whether or not those people connect to you or not, you will still gain something. More exposure.

Directory Lawyers Do Better at Search Engine Optimization

The legal business is a competitive market place. There are many law firms that have established their online presence and taken up the top spots in search engine rankings for their respective specialties. If you want to be, or stay in competition, lawyer directories should be a central part of your overall marketing strategy.

When the directories link to you, particularly a prominent directory like JurisOffice, Google improves your search engine rankings; which means that you get more organic search traffic. As mentioned earlier, link building is an important part of SEO.

Moreover, most law directories are free to use, meaning that you basically get free SEO points by listing your firm or practice in a directory. You will also get free leads, or free referrals to your website to convert into paying clients.

However, you have to be more selective about free directories because not all of them are good quality directories. Listing in a bad quality directory could negatively impact your marketing strategy.

There are also paid directories that have monthly or yearly fees but offer extra perks. They usually provide extra publicity and benefits. These directories are the preferred directories of lawyers because they offer more value and Google sees them as higher quality.

JurisOffice’s National Directory of Lawyers

JurisOffice’s directory of lawyers, unlike other national directory of lawyers, is carefully and manually curated. It offers a highly categorized list so you have the ability to select which directory of lawyers you want to list in.

The law firms and practices we list and feature are of high quality, which means that our national directory of lawyers has greater SEO value. Plus, all listings are accurate, active and relevant. (If you encounter any broken links, just contact us to report them. We will update them as soon as possible.)

Whether you’re a bankruptcy, civil rights, family law, or real estate lawyer, JurisOffice has a national directory of lawyers for every sort of practice possible. List your practice in our directory today!

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