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Lead Generation

Lead Generation for lawyers and law firms

Lead Generation for Lawyers and Law Firms

If your website is not converting traffic into leads that turns into clients, there is something wrong with your legal lead generation strategy. Indeed, generating leads is the biggest challenge for lawyers and law firms.

Traditional marketing techniques like print advertising are not bringing in quality leads anymore. If a law firm or attorney is looking for quality, cost-effective leads, they have to turn to online marketing channels.

However, most firms and attorneys are not sure where to begin their lead generation efforts. There are also so many buzzwords (like conversions, bounce rates, inbound link building, outbound marketing, etc.) and acronyms (SEO, CPC, SEM, PPC etc.) to learn and decode. After all, you’re an attorney not a marketer.

So where do you start?

Your Website Is a Hub for Your Attorney Lead Generation Strategy

Your website is the central point of all your marketing and lead generation endeavors. You won’t be able to generate any leads online if you do not have a professional site that is ready to collect and convert those leads.

Once your website is properly set up (with great straightforward copy, call to action, technical SEO elements set up, etc.) the next thing to do is set up an effective digital marketing strategy to drive quality traffic to your website.

Once visitors get there, it is your website’s job to turn that traffic into qualified leads. You turn the visitors into leads by collecting their name and contact information via a form on your website. By turning those visitors to leads, you are one step away from converting them, i.e. turning them into clients.

But how do you get qualified traffic to your site?

Law Firm Lead Generation Tips

Here are a few tactics:

Blogging. You essentially write blog posts to provide valuable content to potential clients. The strategy is to use your target keywords to get visitors to your site and consequently get search engines to rank you for those keywords.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The whole purpose of SEO is to send organic traffic to your site by raising your rankings in search engines so customers can easily find you. The problem is that SEO takes time. You need to build links and also work on creating quality content on your site.
Online Advertising. You can advertise on social media or search engines. Most of your social media marketing, as an attorney or law firm, will be done on Facebook. You would create ads to direct to a specific page on your site that is specifically designed for that ad. That page would be solely dedicated to collecting leads. You would in fact use the same method for search engine marketing.
Analytics. You need to analyze and measure in order for your campaigns to provide a return. Without analyzing data, you won’t know which of your strategies are giving you the most returns and won’t be able to get any actionable insights.

Legal Directories Are an Effective Legal Lead Generation Tool

The easiest and most cost-effective attorney lead generation strategy is through legal directories. They offer a way for law firms and practices to get qualified leads. These directories mainly exist so customers who are looking for your services can easily find you. You just need to find a quality directory, list your practice in it and traffic will flow to your site. When implemented in conjunction with the lead acquisition strategies mentioned above, you should see a good amount of qualified leads to your website.

Law firm lead generation is admittedly tough. All you can do is experiment with the different strategies, find one that works for your firm and stick to it. You do have to remember not all traffic is equal. Quality traffic is the only traffic that matters. And only sites that are well built, original and engaging get traffic to their sites. So review your site, make necessary changes and start developing a good lead generation system for your firm or practice.

Lead Generation for lawyers and law firms

Legal lead generation is a tough task. In the current market, work is hard to come by. There are definitely more lawyers in the country than required. New generation of lawyers is also entering the market every year. It is clear that the market is competitive more than ever. In such a scenario, attorney lead generation is important. Most successful attorneys have a large network of clients and associates who provide them a constant flow of leads. But not everyone has the experience or connections to get a regular supply of prospects. That is why lawyers advertise. They try to market themselves in hope of legal lead generation.

Online Presence

Since its digital age, everyone and everything is online. You can advertise and connect to customers worldwide. Lawyers have taken up the benefit of internet as well. You can see websites with smiling faces, telling you about an awesome lawyer near you. But as the size of internet grew so did the clutter. There is just too much information. So came in the aggregators and specialists who reviewed information for the clients. That is another business altogether. Listing yourself on an online directory is one of the cheapest (financially) method of lead generation for lawyers and law firms. So why not do which can be done effortlessly and result in some prospective clients coming to your door step. Online market place is now a fighting ring where everyone is competing.

Methods of Lead Generation

Law firm lead generation might be different than attorney lead generation. It might be easier to sell law firms to corporations, who can afford their services and provide volume of work law firms seek. There are specialized agencies who are work in the field of law firm lead generation. But firms rely on third party help only as secondary sources and have their own methods of attracting clients. But law firms don’t just come in one size. A small or medium sized partnership has still much to benefit from external help and collaborations. This is where legal lead generation organizations come in. Referring clients is what these organizations do. Lead generation for lawyers and law firms requires wide outreach and trustworthiness for customers to approach someone for their needs. A lot has been written on various strategies on attorney lead generation and law firm lead generation. Writing on legal blogs, providing pro bono services, providing consultation on public issues are some of the methods of putting yourself out in the market. But the best lead generation tools are your own clients. People are more likely to hire someone who they have already worked with and might recommend them to others as well.

Online Listings

While listing yourself on an online directory, it is always advisable to provide the list of projects you have handled, both successfully and unsuccessfully. Providing sample of your previous work is best way to advertise yourself and a recommended method of legal lead generation. It is always worthwhile to maintain a complete profile and provide necessary contact information. Being available online for any preliminary queries from clients is also necessary in order to convert a lead into client. Presenting a professionally solid and trustworthy image to the site visitors is must to get attention online. The sites can only help you reach customers, it your job to impress them. Of course you can take consultation on how to brand yourself. There are several public relation firms which can help you out in doing so. But at the end of day nothing beats positive feedback from the clients you have handled. This is the oldest and the most traditional method of lead generation but most effective because legal industry is still traditional.

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