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Lawyer Search Engines

Search Engines

Lawyer Search Engines

Access to information is as important as information itself. Amount of data available on the internet is massive. Therefore search engines like google, bing are one the most visited websites on the internet, with google topping the list. Search engines help you find the websites which have the information you are searching for. But given the huge amount of data available on the internet and limitations of search engines websites have to themselves strive to be seen on the internet.

Lawyer Search Engines

Lawyers are becoming more and more reliant on the internet for soliciting clients. Many even provide advice online. Almost every lawyer has his own website. A simple google search would bring up lot of relevant and irrelevant results when you search for a lawyer. Therefore, need for felt for websites which specifically help you in your lawyers search. What input might be required to help you search a lawyer? Most basic input required is the kind of service you require. Second criteria can be how much you are willing to spend. Where and when you require the service might also be important to determine the availability of lawyers. When you search a lawyer many tools might come to your aid. There are many free and paid services available online to help you find a lawyer. You can start your lawyer search with free options. But you may require specialized advice or more advance lawyer search tools according to your needs. Each lawyer search engine comes with its own limitations and therefore you have to be clear what you want when you start out to search a lawyer.

Find a lawyer

Once you are clear what you require, you can conduct search on various lawyer search engines and find out the options you like the most. You can then visit these lawyers or just call them. But visits or calls might cost you consultation fee in some cases. Some search engines assist you with this as well. You might be allowed to send limited number of queries to lawyers free of cost. The search engine might also provide you important details like cost of service and credentials of lawyer and guarantee the same. But current limitations of search engines might require you do some on ground research as well in your lawyer search. Very few websites can provide absolute surety of the information posted by lawyers on their site. Therefore it is advisable that you verify important details on your own after choosing a lawyer. How you ultimately find a lawyer is totally up to you but online tools certainly make it an easier task.

Other Search Tools

In the age of aggregation, you might soon come across search engines of search engines. These websites conduct the search you want across all available platforms and provide you with best available throughout the internet. That would save time and manual work required for going from one website to the next. But currently most of the websites like to keep their date private since this is a very competitive sector and legal services have restriction on manner of advertising. Law firms are more open to idea of advertising and have deeper pockets to fund the same. It is easier to for search engines to provide verified information about law firms since volume of work handled and number of people interacting with law firms are large in volume. You might find websites catering exclusively to law firms. There are websites which deal on in providing legal services which are required by large corporations. The options available to the consumer increasing day by day.

Lawyer Search Engine

The biggest draw to law search engines is the ability to showcase your specialty as that is the very reason why clients consult law directories – they are looking for lawyers that can help them with their specific legal issue. That is why most lawyer search services like JurisOffice list law firms and practices by location and practice areas.

If you are not listed in such a directory, you could miss out of a good amount of traffic to your site, and lose out on potential clients.

Let’s look at why and how potential clients find a lawyer to back up that claim.

Potential Clients Start Their Lawyer Search on Google

A majority of any clients you obtain online begin their search for a lawyer on Google. Reputable legal directories usually have listings at the top of Google search engine results. So if you are registered with a reputable legal directory, and a potential client in your practice city or state is looking for services that you specifically offer, there is a good chance they will stumble across your listing. If they go to the directory site, they will have the opportunity to browse through other listings and look at your profile in detail.

Potential Clients Search a Lawyer Via Google Local Search

Google local search exists to better serve customers and usually take up the top few spots in search engine results. So if customers search for a lawyer in their area, and you’ve invested in search engine optimization (SEO), you could be listed in the top listings. If you haven’t invested in SEO and are interested in starting now, here’s what you can do:

• SEO is primarily about link building. A good way for lawyers to build quality links is by listing in quality legal directories like JurisOffice. Google will see that a quality lawyer directory is linking to your website and will feature you higher in local search results, as well as general search results.
• Create quality content and distribute it via your own blog, social platforms or reputable legal platforms. Google will view you as an authority in your field and would list you in local search results.

How Lawyer Search Engines Affect Your Rankings

Lawyer search engines will affect your firm or practice’s search engine rankings if the directory is a reputable one. Especially is you are listed on the first page of a reputable directory.

The first page of a website usually has the highest pagerank. Google views the homepage as the most relevant page of a website since it is the landing page. So if your profile is featured on the first page of an already high ranking legal directory, chances are that your website will be highly ranked for your specialty area in Google. You will be rewarded for showing up in a high quality legal directory.

The more quality legal directories you can link to, the better. Search engines, particularly Google (which is the one you should be most concerned about) want to see that multiple quality sites link to you. So you essentially get points for every quality site that links to you. So try to link to as many quality lawyer search engine sites as you can.

Understanding the customer journey in a lawyer search is essential to building an effective marketing and customer acquisition strategy. Since Google is where most of your potential clients start to find a lawyer, you need to invest in SEO. Since a vital component of SEO is link building, you can start off on the easiest link building strategy: linking in reputable legal directories.

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