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Child Abuse: Handling False Allegations

Child abuse: How to deal with false allegations

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Are you being falsely accused of child abuse for high-conflict custody battles? Even though you have never hurt your child, yet, your ex-husband or wife is making false allegations upon you so as to take your child away from you. If that is the case then you will need legal help from child abuse lawyers who will take up your case and defend you to prove the allegations that have been set upon you as false.

But before you reach out to a child abuse law firm, there are a few things that you first need to be aware of that will help you tackle this issue in a much more responsible and better way. So, if you have been accused of child abuse, and here’s how to deal with false allegations:

  • Understand the system: The first thing that you will need to understand with the help of your child abuse attorney is the fact that these cases of false accusations over custody battles happen a lot in the courts today. Where one parent gets so frustrated that they accuse the other of child abuse in believing that they will attain the full custody. But what your child abuse lawyer will tell you that, that is not the case. In fact in any case of child abuse allegation, courts thoroughly make investigation about the allegation and are unbiased until the allegation is either proven true or false. Even though they are more concerned about the safety of the child, but they are also aware of the fact that these false accusation cases happen often in our society. And so, if proven that the accusation upon you was false, then the court will make the accuser pay for court cost to the accused. And the custodial rights of the child will also give more favor to the accused.


  • The investigation of the allegation: The second your accuser makes an allegation of child abuse on you. The judge will withhold the judgment of custody and visitation rights of the child until after the investigation is complete. The investigation, as your child abuse law firm will tell you, will be very thorough, will be very time consuming, and will contain expensive examinations by mental health and medical professionals. All of this can be burdensome for the children but it has to be done. Afterwards, child protective services can also become involved if the judge orders. These services will have the right to get intrusive in your life and will ask the people around you about your parenting. But all of this is part of the standard investigation as your child abuse lawyer is going to advise you to not panic and let the court do their job.


  • What should you do: When you are accused of child abuse, this is how you should deal with false allegations; you should be completely cooperative and open to the investigation done by the court, no matter how uncomfortable the experience might get. Afterwards, with the help of your child abuse law firm, you should gather all the relevant information and evidence to build up your case. While discussing with your child abuse attorney, you should leave no stones unturned and you should get statements from your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, the teachers of your child, almost anyone who you think can help you. All of these statements need to vouch for you as a caring and loving parent. All of these statements from the people around you will help the judge find that you are not in fact guilty.

You should discuss openly with all the people around you and let them know that they should speak freely with the authorities to paint the right picture of you being a loving parent. All of this support will provide statements about your capabilities as a parent. And simply by them never seeing or hearing you mistreat your children will help you build your case.

And after the investigation is through and no evidence against you is ever discovered, the case will be officially closed and you will be free of any allegations of the abuse. And the court will officially detail that the abuse did not take place or it cannot be confirmed in any way. And once this is done, the child custodial rights are much more likely to go in your favor, as your accused will be established as a liar.

This content about child abuse and dealing with false allegations is available for general information only. The information presented is not legal advice, is not to be acted on as such, may not be current and is subject to change without notice. You must secure a child abuse attorney or law firm to obtain proper professional advice.

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