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Avoid a Lawsuit from your Creditors

Received a Lawsuit summons: Know how to avoid a lawsuit from your creditors

Debt and Credit Lawyers

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The financial world in 2017 is very much suffering from many financial calamities like inflation. And this trend has been rising continuously for the past decade. And it is no wonder that in this economy it is not easy to stay away from debts.

And, if you find yourself in such a sticky situation, then you will realize how difficult it is to get out of. And if you fall behind on your payments, then you can be summoned by banks, if you owe money to medical providers, student loan holders, credit card companies, or any type of creditor. And there is nothing worse than being sued by a creditor.

But fortunately, with the help of your creditors’ rights lawyer, there are several things that you can do. So, if you received lawsuits summon, then here is all you should know to avoid a lawsuit from your creditors.

1. Understand the summon

The first thing that you need to do with the help of your creditors’ rights law firm is to analyze the call. The lawsuit will begin when your creditor with the help of his lawyer will complaint to the court. In the complaint, you will be the defendant; it will also contain what all you are being sued for. Normally, it will be money you had owed to the creditor, along with interest and the creditors’ rights attorney’s fees.

2. How to respond to the lawsuit

If you received lawsuits summon, then here is all you should know to avoid a lawsuit from your creditors. And with the help of your creditors’ rights lawyer, you will have to prepare your answer in about a month for the written response of the lawsuit being imposed on you.

Sadly, you will have to pay filing fees for the response. But afterwards, you, along with your creditors’ rights law firm, will craft the answer for the response together. If there are some law violations committed by your creditors and if you are eligible for a substantial payout, then your creditors’ rights attorney can help you turn the case around. But just in case, let us assume you don’t feel like responding. Let us learn, what happens then?

3. What happens if you do not respond?

If you happen to not respond by the given time line, and are unable to meet the deadline, then the creditor will simply appeal to the court to make a judgment by default. And this judgment can be very baleful for you.

This is because the judge will simply award the creditor with whatever reward he had asked for, and make you pay for it without a court case! So, it is really important that you simply send a formal response with the help of your creditors’ rights lawyer. But now, let us move onto the next step.

4. But should you give it up?

But what if you have no chance of winning the case because you definitely do owe all of the money and you have no defenses whatsoever? Then what? Should you not simply give up by not responding to the response in the first place and so in doing that save yourself the fees to the creditors’ rights law firm?

Maybe you should definitely just let the creditor win by default. The thing is, if your creditor’s rights attorney has already given up after looking at the case from every angle and he has exhausted all resources that he could find, then you should simply let the creditor win by default and claim for the honest amount that you owe.

But what if you don’t have the money to pay for the money you owe? What should you do then? So what should you do if you received lawsuits summon? Then here is all you should know to avoid a lawsuit from your creditors.

5. Apply for bankruptcy

It might feel to be the worst idea ever. But it certainly is not, because applying for bankruptcy is actually one of the smartest things to do, when you simply are not making enough money to live a comfortable life and pay for your piling debts.

This is because one of the biggest advantages of applying for bankruptcy with the help of a creditors’ rights law firm is that it can actually help you reduce your debt. And not just reduce your debt, but in some cases, even completely turn it into null and void. But even if it is reduced, you will still get some really affordable options of repayment and that too without any interests, as your creditors’ rights law firm will notify you.

And moreover, applying for bankruptcy with the help of a creditors’ rights attorney, you will be able to keep off the court case completely. So, we hope this article has helped you learn what you should do if you are sued by your creditors for outstanding debt.

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