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5 Most Common Discrimination Charges

5 most commonly faced discrimination charges in the United States

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As much as we want for our country to be a completely safe haven where only productivity and happiness shines, it is still simply not true in the United States at this point of time. We are still plagued with many different kinds of discriminations in our country that put Constitutional law lawyers to work.

Even though the statistics have been falling in the past few decades, the cases where people have had to hire constitutional law law firms to serve against different kinds of discriminations is still very dampening. And it becomes the job of the constitutional law attorneys to make sure that the victims get the justice that they deserve while the offender pays for the breaking of laws.

So, here are 5 most commonly faced discrimination charges in the United States:

1. Retaliation Discrimination

These are the most common and highest numbers of discriminations that take place all across America, from offices to schools, to even inside residential complex. It happens where apparent people in power threaten the victims with potentially severe consequences due to un-lawful grudges against them.

It can be your boss using his power to stop your growth, or being fired, demoted or getting sanctions that come after you have exercised your rights to file complaints. But that is not the complete story as with the gun violence at an all time high, many of these cases can turn deadly. And that is exactly when constitutional law lawyers come into picture to help the victims to attain justice against these kinds of injustices.

2. Racial Discrimination

One of the 5 most commonly faced discrimination charges in the United States is also one of the oldest. Here is America’s hard truth; racism exists in almost all parts of America. And it is most notably happens inside workplaces.

According to a 2014 EEOC report, about 2285 charges against racial discrimination were filed with the help of constitutional law law firms in the state of California alone. These kinds of discriminations include any kind of harassment on the basis of your color or background, racially biased comments or statements or even criticisms that are racially motivated to harm the psyche of the victim.

In workplaces, the most number of racial discrimination cases that have been filed, according to the constitutional law attorneys, are the ones that cause victims to be demoted, terminated, unequally treated, or denied of fair salary on the basis of their race and color.

3. Gender Discrimination

If you have the sexist advertisements of the 1940’s, where the ‘ideal’ women were shown to be nothing more than servants in the home who do everything their husbands told them to. Then you know that ours is a society that has been patriarchal for a long time. And this prevailing notion of chauvinism has not yet disappeared from our lives yet.

And so, gender discrimination is one of the most severe kinds of discrimination that takes place in the American society today. These discriminations can be anything from being treated indifferently just because of your gender, sexual harassments, wide gaps of salaries between genders, and the ‘glass ceiling’ discrimination that does not allow women to reach higher positions. Many Constitutional law lawyers have noted that even though gender discrimination cases happen towards both genders, the victims still, predominantly are women.

4. Disability Discrimination

As the piling up of lawsuits inside any Constitutional law law firms will tell you, discrimination against the disabled is still very common in the United States of America. People discriminate against any kind of disabled persons in schools, public places, and especially at work places.

These discrimination charges can be made against any kind of hate speech, rude and vile comments, and mockery or imitation against a disabled person. For instance, less favorable conditions of employment, fake disciplinary proceedings, terminations, failure to promote, or simply being laid off for no other reason than the person’s disability. All of these charges are processed through both federal and state court of conducts.

5. Age discrimination

Tens of thousands of Americans today suffer from age related discrimination in all parts of the public sectors in the country. They are harassed with statements that ask them about their retirements, about their plans for retirements, or being threatened to be fired if they don’t retire soon.

As Constitutional law attorneys have noted on several occasions, it starts with un-Samaritan comments like ‘fresh faces’ or employers demanding ‘youthful energy’ can all be a part of age related discriminations that employees face at a daily basis. All age related discriminations are protected by Older Workers Benefit Protection Act 1990 in the ADEA.

So, these were the 5 most commonly faced discrimination charges in the United States, and how much unbelievable it might feel in 2017, it is still a hard truth that needs to be addressed and accepted. And if you are any one you love faces any of these discriminations then you should contact a trusted Constitution law attorney as soon as possible.

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